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      Addressable LED Lights


      Smart Home Light Controller


      Pre-sales and after-sales support

      *How to connect our controller to Alexa
      WiFi Controller
      Smart Home
      Lastest WiFi connection LED smart home controller, compatible with Alexa & Google Home, easy to use voice control your lights!

      Hot products


      Time programmable LED controller, can control LEDs like clock
      with Windows program software "Pled".

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      Time programmable LED controller, with WiFi connection
      Programmed by smartphone and PC.

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      LED addressable controller, compatible with almost SPI light
      with Bluetooth connection,easy control light by smartphone.

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      • COMPANY

        In the past nine years, we have created a large number of fully functional and practical LED products , have achieved excellent results and are highly praised by a large number of customers.

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        Perseverely follow the development of the times to develop appropriate new products, perfect production line, do our best to ensure the products are that products you most need!

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      • PEOPLE

        In the company's growing process, ourcompany's employees from the initial 3 to the current more than 50 people R & D production technology and sales team, everyone is a strong technical person!

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      Pre-sales Advice
      Recommend the most suitable products according to your needs, and provide free technical advice.
      Choose a fast and safe way of transport based on your shipping address,Full without any worries.
      Technical Supports
      Free pre-sales product consultation and after-sales technical guidance, you can use our products easily.
      Custom Service
      If you are not satisfied with our existing products, or have special needs, you can contact us to customize products according to your needs.

      Information of

      COVID 2019

      Wear mask, Reduce unnecessary outdoor, Keep healthy, Take care of your family!

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